Ten things to Do and absolutely NOT Do when approaching an illustration rep to take you on.

Having worked in this industry, for over 21 years, I think I'm in the position to give some important and constructive advice to those interested.


We’ve just turned 21

It's really hard to believe that 21 years ago this week, I launched Anna Goodson Management Inc. Time really does fly by quickly, when you're having fun. When I launched the agency back in 1996,  I  really had no idea what I was getting myself into. My business plan was simple, I wanted to launch … Continue reading We’ve just turned 21

Illustrators Willing To Work for FREE!

This February, the month of LOVE, we want to share our LOVE of illustration with non-profit organizations and charities that wouldn’t normally have the budget to commission original illustrations. That’s why this February; the Illustrators of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency are willing to work for FREE. Founder, Anna Goodson said: “There are so many organizations … Continue reading Illustrators Willing To Work for FREE!

Anyone today can call themselves a photographer or can they?

In this day and age, everyone seems to feel that because they own a hand held device with a camera, that makes them a photographer. They post on social media and get lots of likes and therefore believe they are a photographer. True, there are many applications that allow you to retouch and alter photos … Continue reading Anyone today can call themselves a photographer or can they?