Anyone today can call themselves a photographer or can they?

04-09-13_pnp_9489In this day and age, everyone seems to feel that because they own a hand held device with a camera, that makes them a photographer. They post on social media and get lots of likes and therefore believe they are a photographer.

True, there are many applications that allow you to retouch and alter photos from your phone to make them look really great but are they professional quality? Can phones replace the work of professionals?

In my opinion the answer is no.

Most photographers I know and who I’ve worked with have not only studied in photography and have a degree but they’ve also worked in the field for many years, moving up the ranks from studio manager to assistant to eventually becoming a professional photographer themselves.

Anyone who works in this field, knows that. Most professional photographers and crew working in the photography industry usually has years of experience and an eye.

A photo shoot is very complex and usually involves a crew of experts. Depending on the kind of shoot, there can be many people involved such as; Assistants, wardrobe stylists, hair & make up stylists, producers, location scouts, food stylists, casting directors, etc.

If you have ever been on a professional photography shoot, you know how much work is involved and how important each person is to the final shot.

A photographer for example knows how to get what he/she needs from a model. It’s not a fluke or an accident or a matter of using an app to create a feeling, its a talent, it’s years of experience.

Food and still life photographers I’ve worked with, are magicians with an eye for detail and techniques that have been perfected over many years.

Yes, lots of people can take great photos with their phones and use apps to alter and make them look good but in my opinion, no one can replace a professional.

At MeatMarket Photography, we know the difference and only showcase the very best in the professional photography industry.

My father was a really great amateur photographer who use to constantly take photos of us 4 kids and anything and everything he saw around him that inspired him.

One time a friend of his looked at one of his shots and asked him ” What kind of camera he was using” My father replied ” it’s not the make of camera but the photographer behind it, that makes the shot”

photo/Pooya Nabei



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