We’ve just launched our First FREE AGM App!

I am really excited about our NEW Anna Goodson Management App that we just launched.

We’ve worked really hard on it for over 6 months now and finally its ready to download for FREE.

Whenever I come up with a new idea for a promo, I always want it to be AMAZING!

I decided this year that instead of printing a promo book like we have done many times in the past, we would venture out into the complete unknown and come with a promo that was fun, interactive and would showcase the Original Illustrators that we represent here at AGM.

I was really hoping to launch the App in the beginning of September 2011 but since this was the first App I’ve ever worked on, there was a lot of learning and lots of trial and error.  It reminded me of working on my first website back in the Spring of 1996.  I didn’t have a clue what a website was and therefore didn’t really know what we could or could not do.

Well it was the same with the App and I am happy to say that I learned a great deal in the process of working on  it.  I was also really lucky and spoiled to work with an amazing design team at Sputnik  of Toronto and can not thank them enough for their insight, vision and creativity of The Anna Goodson Management App.  David and Sarah did a wonderful  job and if you download the app, you will see for yourself how great the creative is.

As with everything we do at AGM your opinion is really important to us, so if you have a minute, please download our NEW FREE Anna Goodson Management APP, play around with it and let me know what you think.

We hope you like it!



3 thoughts on “We’ve just launched our First FREE AGM App!

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