What does it take to be a professional Illustrator – Follow up

I was asked to write a follow up to my original post on “How to become a successful Illustrator”. These are the questions and my answers. I hope this gives you more insight.

“Which markets are the most saturated?”
I don’t think any one market is over saturated. I just think that there are many talented illustrators out there available to take on commissions. There are more illustrators and fewer jobs, which makes the competition for work that much greater.

“What are some good websites and resources for getting your name out there?”
There are lots of resources and websites, all you need to do is spend some good quality time searching for them. Google is a great start. Personally, I love www.illustrationmundo.com and altpick.com just to name a few.

“Can you get representation right away or do you need to have work experience first?”
If you are lucky, yes sure why not. I have taken on many new and up and coming illustrators over the years. I think that if you work a bit on your own first, it gives you a better appreciation for what a rep or agent does, but if you want to be represented right away then go for it.


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