Print Versus Electronic Media?

So much has been written lately on the subject of Print versus Electronic Media. Seems like everyone has an opinion and most of the opinions seem to say that Print is on its way out. Well I beg to differ.

There has been so much speculation on this subject that there are pages and pages written about it. Yes, its true there is a new revolution happening but will that mean the demise of the printed page? I don’t think so and I really love what the Magazine Publishers have done about addressing this issue. They have all got together and produced a series of magazine ads titled The Power of Print.

I think what the publishers have done is great and I am a firm believer that print and magazines will be around for generations to come. I spend most of my days online but at the end of the day, there is nothing like relaxing in a hot bath with one of my favorite magazines.


2 thoughts on “Print Versus Electronic Media?

  1. Well said Anna! Am so glad to see in black and white what I hope we all know in our hearts to be true. Can mankind ever live without books? It’s wonderful and fun to have new media, but there’s no replacing flipping scotch-tape repaired pages of a bedtime story with your toddler, or making notes next to your favorite recipes in your beat-up, flour-stained cook book. And the magazines I bring to the beach are phenomenal shade when the sun is just too much for my eyes.


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