Illustration Today

I know for a fact that the business of illustration today is nothing like it was 14 years ago when we first started out.
There have been so many changes that its difficult to keep up.
This in most part due to the internet among other things.
I have been reading quite a bit of bad press lately regarding our industry and that’s really unfortunate.
For me personally, the web has brought nothing but great opportunities.
I don’t believe for a minute that Illustration is a dying industry and that illustrators will soon be forgotten.
The internet and its possibilities are endless and so are the possibilities for illustrators.
What everyone just needs to do is relax and adapt.
Yes, adapt to the new media that is moving at the speed of light.
Illustrators need to learn flash and motion and be able to do animations of their work.
Its kind of like a few years back when illustrators had to learn photoshop or how to scan their images, its just par for the course.
I have been in the industry of communications for a few years now and I have witnessed first hand so many changes.
I remember walking through my fathers printing plant and seeing his type setter choose led letters one by one by hand. He would then put the small letters together to form a word and then screw them into some kind of block holder. Then when that became obsolete I saw my father buy type from a man who did letterset on a machine. The pages of type would roll out and then be rolled with waxed and cute and pasted into space, line by line. Then of course the MAC came along and the rest is history.
I also remember the first time my father bought a fax machine. It was so incredible that the did a big direct mail promotion advertising that he had one, a fax, can you believe that? Well back in the 80’s that was a really big deal to be able to send copy through the phone line and have it come out the other end.
Of course today we look back at that and laugh.
I mean with the internet we can communicate with so many people instantly all over the world. We can send photos, video’s up to the second news.
So what does all this have to do with illustration you make be asking yourselves? Well it has to do a lot with illustration because illustrations are illustrations weather they are on paper on or on line. Weather they are 2D or 3D or moving. Someone has to draw them and that someone is YOU!
Illustrators in my opinion have a long and healthy life ahead of them as long as they adapt to today’s industry. Illustration today is not that much different then it was years ago, what is changing is the media for which we will see them displayed.


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