Another one bites the dust! So what!

“Condé Nast Publications is closing Gourmet and four of its other speciality magazines in an attempt to weather the economic downturn.
Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Cookie, a parenting magazine established in 2005, are also to close.”

I know I am not the only one sad to see these magazines close. There are many loyal readers who look forward to receiving their issues in the mail or picking them up at their local magazine stands. My reasons are personal and professional. Yes, I used to read the magazines but also many of AGM’s illustrators use to illustrate for them. They were good clients who we enjoyed working with over the years.

I think that before we collectively freak out over yet another magazine closing, we need to look at the big picture. First, there are thousands of magazines out there and it is only normal that in these tough economic times some will have close. Magazines close all the time, its just that we get more edgy when its such a high profile magazine like Gourmet.

The restaurant industry for one has been very badly hit since the beginning of this recession. I have heard that some of the top restaurants across the country were having troubling filling their seats. These are restaurants that in the past you could not get in had you not reserved months in advance. The food industry as well has had some big set backs and luxury produces have taken a great decline. I heard that last year for the 4th of July, the usual Steak feasts were replace by hot dogs and hamburgers. Therefore it is not all that surprising that Gourmet which is such a “high brow” cooking magazine has gone under.

That said, I do expect other magazines to follow in the ways of Gourmet but I also expect new magazines to pop up as well. The magazine industry is not dead, far from it.
I also don’t plan to bring my laptop any time soon into the bath with me.
That time is special and reserved for me to read all of my favorite magazines and there are way too many to name for me to name.


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