Say NO to Stock and Royalty Free Illustrations

I know I am not the first to preach this but if we are to keep the dream of commissioned illustrations alive we need to keep the faith.
The more we talk about it, the better.
Illustrators have to refused to sell their work to large stock and royalty free companies.
Under no condition should you sell your work to these companies.
Yes, you might make a few bucks but you will in the end, kill the industry.
I strongly believe that commissioned work will come back if we all stick together and support the cause.
Please join me in the fight against stock and royalty free images!
Anna Goodson
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2 thoughts on “Say NO to Stock and Royalty Free Illustrations

  1. I agree! I also would caution against paying companies like Black Book thousands just to get a page spread in their book.Its helpful if you’ve already established yourself, but very expensive if youre just starting out…


  2. Hello,I was browsing the net when I came accross your website, It’s really nice. I may be no pro, but I love to draw Cartoon’s. I have been drawing for 14 years. I have come up with a few ideas that may be a winner. I would love to send you some samples if your interested. Thank you for taking the time to this. Have a nice day.

    Lisa Sais


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